Makeup Organisation & Storage for a Small Collection

April 02, 2017

If your makeup collection is fairly minimal like mine, then here are some great simple storage and organisation solutions for you! These storage and organisation ideas work super well for me and are also at very reasonable prices.

For my face brushes, I store them in a jar I found at a garage sale and they all fit perfectly as I don't own an excessive amount. You can use any jar and fill them up with filler beads to hold your brushes nicely, even a recycled candle jar will do the job!

When I was first starting out with my makeup before my collection slowly grew, everything used to fit in this acrylic cosmetic organiser that you can find anywhere for an affordable price. This organiser is available at Kmart for as little as $7! You can find this here. This cosmetic organiser is great for displaying your favourite products and has slots for your favourite and most used lipsticks.

The next solution is my favourite because you can simply purchase more when needed as your makeup grows. I found these drawer organisers from Daiso for under $4 each! These are super great because they are stackable and it makes organising easy because you can see exactly what you have and where everything is stored. I definitely need to stock up on these box organisers because they are crazy affordable and unfortunately I couldn't find them on the website but they are definitely in-stores. 

The last storage and organisation I use is a little more pricey but is still worth the price in my opinion.  This box organiser is from eBay and I found this one for around $40 which is such a steal if you ask me because normally most makeup boxes cost anywhere from $80 or even more! These are great for organising your makeup because I am able to store the majority of my products that are oddly shaped such as my foundations and other bulky items. Also similar to the Daiso drawers, you can see exactly what you own but of course the quality of this eBay organiser is much more sturdy. You can find this exact box here.

I hope you found some of these storage and organistions helpful and as always thank you so much for reading The Modest Palette! Have a nice day x

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