Indonesia 2016

December 07, 2016

A few months ago, my mother and I travelled to Indonesia to visit family and friends as tradition. We usually go annually in December during the Christmas holidays, but we went mid July to attend my cousin's wedding. We took a flight from Sydney to Denpasar, Bali and had a transit to Yogyakarta. We then got picked up from my uncle at Jogja airport and drove to my mum's hometown Surakarta to surprise her family as they had no idea we were coming. We arrived at 11pm to my grandma's house and everyone was still awake for last minute wedding preparations. Everyone was so shocked and content that we came home to visit, and we spent the rest of the night catching up with friends and family. I think I forgot to mention that the wedding was on the very next morning, so we called it a night and went to bed.

The next morning was the wedding day, and I am so happy that I decided to attend the event because it's rare for all my uncles, aunties, and cousins to be under the same roof as they all live all over Indonesia, so it was nice to see everyone again and celebrate with my mum's family. It was also cool to experience a wedding ceremony in Indonesia! The atmosphere is just so lovely especially with all the beautiful decorations.

Although our only intention of coming to Indonesia was for the wedding, we thought we might as well extend the trip because who really knows when we're able to come visit again. I felt like doing some sort of water activity so we all agreed to drive to Yogyakarta to go to a place called Gunung Kidul where you could go cave tubing at Gua Pidul. I knew I wanted to vlog my experience so be sure to check out the video at the end of the blog post!

The walk to the river was quite a journey and pretty hard not to slip and fall over because there was no flat surface whatsoever. Managed to get through the random obstacle course and we finally went in the river. I made sure to get a protective waterproof phone lanyard case from the tour guide to be able to snap some pics with me. We eventually entered the pitch black cave and the tour guides started explaining facts about the cave and showed us the bats with their flashlights. As we were approaching the cave's exit, we were able to see daylight and the others were allowed to spend some time relaxing and playing in the cave before leaving.

While we were in Jogja, we decided to go to a beach near Gunung Kidul. We stopped for food and had coconut drinks along the beach. Nothing beats the view, nothing. We also had the entire beach to ourselves, I guess everyone was at school or something, well I'm not complaining hehe! If I'm not mistaken, the beach is called Pantai Indrayanti.

Back in Surakarta, we went to a restaurant called Danau Tengah Sawah. We got seated in our own individual hut which is a super cute concept! My family and I ordered fried rice and noodles with some yummy cold refreshing drinks. We took our time eating, talking, and enjoying the atmosphere. The food was so amazingly good that my mum and I swore we'd return with my dad and brother the next time we come to Indo. It was seriously that good, if only they had express delivery to Sydney hehe I wish!

On my last few nights at Surakarta, I went to my first ever hens night party and also got henna on my hands also for the first time, hey there's always a first for everything right?

It was finally time to say goodbye to my mum's family in Surakarta, which is always the hardest. Can I just say thank goodness for video calls. We decided to take a train from Surakarta to Jakarta. After not getting any sleep during the train ride at night, we finally arrived around 4am and my other uncle who lives in Depok picked us up and we stayed at his house until our flight home to Sydney.

I randomly asked my mum if we could go to Senayan City Mall to attend a fashion show for Indonesia Muslim Fashion Week because... why not? I'm glad we went although it was quite a journey from my uncle's house ahah thanks mum! After watching my first fashion show, I awkwardly asked to take photos with some of the models because I just needed some new Instagram photos not gonna lie hehe!

And there we have my Indonesia trip for 2016! It was hard to say goodbye again to my family in Jakarta but I am sure we will all soon be reunited, there's bound to be another family member who will soon get married hehe! Thank you for reading loves, hope you enjoy!

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Thanks again for reading, hope you all have a lovely day x

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