A Day in My Life

December 08, 2016

It's not often that I wake up early, but one morning my friend Silvia and I decided to be spontaneous and see where this day takes us. We both agreed that we were so sick of staying at home so this little day out was much needed! We met up with each other at the train station and went to go get some breakfast in our bellies. We went to Glaçage, a cute cafè located in Bankstown, Sydney. The cafè has a very cosy and boho vibe to it and the food is equally as amazing. We ordered fruity meals for breakfast, and I already want to return and order lunch because the menu selection looks so mouth watering! For this time, I ordered an acai bowl because it has been quite a while since I have had something healthy not gonna lie... and Silvia got a french toast with iced coffee.

With our tummies so full of yummy goodness, we decided to make a quick pit stop at Bankstown Library to chill and lounge around as it was just around the corner from the cafè. Since we were at a library, we felt embarrassed to have a conversation incase we create noise and draw attention to ourselves, so of course we ended up have a snapchat photoshoot and touching up our makeup in the bathroom.

From there, the spontanteousness begins, if that's even a real word (it's not it's underlined red oh well we'll just go with it). We are terrible at working out how to use trains so we took a while how to figure out to get to Auburn to visit Gallipoli Mosque. Thanks to the TripView app, we finally knew how to get to our destination and we just went for it. The first problem was handling the train, now we had to find our way to the Mosque. Can I just say that I'm super glad Silvia suggested visiting the mosque, it's absolutely stunning. All that inconvenience was well worth it because the interior of the Mosque is absolutely breathtaking!

Of course another mini photoshoot took place. It was too pretty not to take any photos, we didn't know when the next time our visit will be, hopefully soon! Trying to enter the Mosque was also another hassle as it wasn't really clear for us to know where the ladies entrance is located. Once we figured it out, we rested our feet from all that walking and waited for the Dhuhr prayer. It was time to leave the Mosque (sadly) and we made our way home to Silvia's house because we felt pretty productive with what we had done so far today. And from there we just chilled out and called it a day.

Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoy! Also, thank you to Silvia for being my photographer and providing some of the photos used in today's post :) Hope you all have a good day x

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