Flea Market Finds | Sydney Markets

June 25, 2016

This cold winter Saturday morning, we left at 6:30am to go to Flemington Paddy's Markets in Sydney. We were there for around 2 hours and today in my very first blog post, I decided to share with you my findings!

First up, I picked up a white lace blouse which I thought would be perfect for the Summer time. Although we are currently in Winter in the southern hemisphere, I decided to get this blouse anyway because the light and airy material would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Indonesia.

Next, I found this stunning envelope clutch that I instantly fell in love with. When I laid my eyes on it for the first time, I knew I had to get it. The detailing is so beautiful and I personally think white and gold compliment each other so well. The clutch also has a strap inside for when you get tired of carrying it around which is a bonus.

I also couldn't pass up this hanging fold-out travel cosmetic case because the original retail price was $50 and I managed to get it for 5 bucks... that's what I call a successful bargain shopping day hehe! This bag would definitely be a huge help to keep my products organised when traveling.

And lucky last, I of course had to get myself some heels! This pair of pointed toe heels also had me at love at first sight and so I grabbed them immediately... only to find the heel of the shoe was broken nooooooo. Devastated, I still wanted the heels regardless so the seller lowered the price to 3 bucks which I'm not complaining about, I'll just have to get them repaired at some point soon!

Aaand that wraps up my flea market finds and also my very first blog post! Thank you for taking the time to read The Modest Palette, I hope you enjoyed it! I also did a short vlog so here is the video for those interested:

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Thanks again for reading, hope you all have a lovely day x

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